The second event of the ENSIE project took place in the Czech Republic in the Zlín Region. The organizer of the event was a village Vlachová Lhota. The excursion focused mainly on identifying the activities of existing social enterprises and on communicating the best experiences in the field of social inclusion. The activities were primarily focused on mutual acquaintance of the members of the partnership, a professional discussion at the level of national and transnational perspectives, and creating a platform for the transfer of know-how in the field of social inequality.

Visitors from Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia came on 5 December 2017 in the afternoon to Valašské Klobouky, where they welcomed by representatives of the municipal council of Vlachová Lhota. The participants in the evening event during the discussion were introduced to the activities of the self-government, especially in the area of social inclusion.

The second program day of the guests was familiar in Vlachová Lhota and Valašské Kloubky. The participants in the workshop gained information mainly on the current situation of the region's labor market. Director of the Czech Labor Office, Ms. Dagmar Šerá, besides the unemployment indicators and the structure of the job applicants,  presented an active employment policy in the Czech Republic. The work of social enterprises at regional level was lectured by Ms. Lucie Svobodová. Familiar with the conditions of the founding of a social enterprise, the Czech legislation in this area, the current structure of social business and tools for promoting social integration. The Charita association, which operates in Valašské Klobouky, presented its activities in the field of support for socially and healthly disadvantaged people. The town of Jirkov (northwest of the Czech Republic) has many years of experience in the field of work integration within the activity of the social enterprise ONZA a.s .. The mission and the activities of the company present are known by Mr. Libor Duchoň, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He presented in particular positive experiences, but also openly talked about the challenges of social business. In the next part of the program, local associations presented their activities: Production Team Work and Effort Solution Valašské Klobouky with the subsequent presentation of their know-how. In the evening, the discussion of the frequently asked questions was started. Discussion also involved representatives of the target groups (users) of social employment. The day ended with a small cultural program.

The following day the organizers secured a visit to local subjects of social integration. During the excursion, the participants of the event had the opportunity to meet the employees of the social enterprise immediately, to listen to their opinions and suggestions in order to gain a first-hand experience. A conversation with experts and school students on social entrepreneurship was held in the middle of the Secondary Vocational School. During the next workshop on the premises of the Valašské Klobouky Town Library, the impact of social entrepreneurship on the local economy was discussed. In the field of the day-long official in Brum, the guests were acquainted with the activity of the social care association for the dependent person. Before the evening, visitors had the opportunity to visit Brumov Castle as a historical monument of the region.

Due to the fact that the next day the guests were leaving after breakfast, the summary of the excursion results took place in the evening.